Red String Bracelet

Throughout history and cultures, the red string has been worn as a symbol of protection, faith, good luck, strength, and connection.

Traditionally, the red string is
something that needs to be given to you, you can not buy it for yourself, that is why I give this gift to you.

red string bracelet, protection bracelet

Growing up, I would always wear a red string, have a red ribbon pinned to me, or even carry a red object in my pocket to protect me from the Malocchio, the Italian version of the evil eye, or as I now understand it, negative energy.

As an adult, I still wear a red string bracelet. I believe the intention, or energy I put into it, is what I will attract in my life.

Seeing the bracelet on my wrist each day is a reminder of the intentions I have set, and my connection with the universe, and that the universe is working with me to achieve my intentions.

Have someone who loves you tie the bracelet on your left wrist. The left side of our bodies is the receiving side, closest to the heart.

Have the bracelet tied three times, and focus an intention with each knot. Also set your intentions in a clear and positive vibe, they can be what ever you like, also set them with “I am….” for example, I am protected, I am loved, I am healthy, I am successful…. The bracelet can not be removed, it will fall off on its own accord.

Each time you look at your bracelet, it is a reminder that you are protected and that the universe is working with you.

red string bracelet used for protection bracelet and to manifest the life you want